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Welcome to Spotlight on learning, and thank you for visiting our personal tuition support website 😊

We opened Spotlight in February 2018 with the clear aim of supporting learners from the ages of 8 to 18 and adults, and happily we have been able to support many students to make strong progress ever since.  Each student works with their personal tutor - developing a strong, hard-working but happy relationship - to feel more confident in their own ability and to make impressive improvements in their subject skills and knowledge.

We are all qualified experienced specialist teachers/tutors - we prepare personalised resources for each session, targeted towards increasing understanding which for whatever reason requires further support, or further extension of learning, which then increases your child's ability to get their grades and levels in the classroom and in assessments and exams.

We work on the principle that positive progress comes from knowing what to do and how to do it, and for 60 minutes a week (or more) we work exactly like this, in comfortable, close working partnerships in a supportive relaxed atmosphere.  Students choose to study one, two or even three subjects, whatever they want we will do our best to deliver! Currently for this start to 2020 we have Primary specialists for years 4 to 6 and Secondary specialists for Maths, English, Science and French and A level specialists for Maths English and French too (we can also arrange tuition for History and Religious Education).

We simply work on a pay as you go basis, to allow for students' illness or other commitments which are part of raising a family.  All we ask is that you try to let us know in advance if your child will not be attending, so we can offer this place to someone else, or reorganise staffing to suit the number of students. We can then reorganise your cancelled booking for another day.

We work hard, love what we do, and that's why it works. Try a free intro session and see for yourselves pressure, no tie ins, no advanced payments - simple! 😊


Kind regards,

Suzanne Wells BA (Hons) English, PGCE Secondary

Founder and Lead Teacher

07855 392166

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