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Coddington Community Centre - our excellent base

Lockdown effect. Confidence building. Progress concerns. Confused learning. Exam pressure. Relationships.


                                         Monday 4.15 - 6.15pm. Thursday 4.15 - 7.15pm. Saturday 10.00 -12.00am


                                                                           What's available?

Year 4 primary support with Literacy and Numeracy

Year 5 and 6 SATS skills support and exam preparation 

Year 7 transition subject support

Year 8 skills booster sessions

Year 9 GCSE transition subject support

Year 10 and 11 GCSE course support, assessment skills & exam preparation 

Year 12 and 13 A level coursework support & exam preparation 

60 minute tuition sessions & homework support


Assessment and immediate feedback:

We offer an initial 30 minute assessment using SATS or GCSE exam-style questions.  Then, based on these assessment answers tutors can spotlight specific learning targets to focus on immediately.  Using this information and from discussions with parents and students, tutors will create personalised tuition resources to target these areas for improvement.


Our aims and objectives are always to:

  • Support every student to increase their achievement: with us, in the classroom, in assessments, personal study at home and ultimately in examinations

  • Increase confidence in their own ability to make progress and achieve their best

  • Develop secure English reading comprehension and writing skills

  • Develop confident skills to understand and answer Maths and Science questions 

  • Discuss their personal learning without any stress, focusing happily on how to improve further

  • Secure a clear understanding of what teachers and examiners are looking for

  • Increase precise knowledge of how to increase own progress in the classroom, grades and levels             


Leading to:

  • Confident, independent students in the classroom, in assessments, in examinations

  • Achieving their very best with confident personal knowledge, understanding and revision techniques

  • Looking forward to bright future pathways with fearless ambition and self belief 

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