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How can a Spotlight personal tutor help?

We spotlight how to build skills, boost confidence and bring out the best in your child!


At Spotlight we will assess your child's current skills and concerns, and then support improved progress towards their target levels and grades. Spotlight tutors really do help students to believe in their own ability - by encouraging improved understanding of what to do in each subject and how to do it - to achieve their very best and to believe in themselves; in their classroom and in their assessments at school or college. 


Quality specialist teachers/tutors with time to listen

 Individual learning support to increase rates of progress

Exam marking experience used to build assessment and exam skills


Spotlight students achieved excellent results in their SAT's and an average of 2 full grade increases in Maths and English GCSE's (summer 2019 & 2020)


Whether you are wanting to:


*improve Primary or Secondary school skills and achievement 

*retake GCSE's


* improve A Level progress


*study as an adult learner, or EAL



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