After school tuition: what's available this term?

  • Y6 SATS skills booster sessions 

  • Y7 & Y8  Maths, English and Science booster sessions

  • Y9 to Y11 GCSE confidence building with exam preparation and skills support

  • A level coursework support and exam Question practice

Science, History and French 

support also available.

Come and see how we can help:  

confidence building

writing concerns

confused learning

missed school

exam pressure


Our aims and objectives are always to:

  • Support every student to increase their achievement - with us, in the classroom and in personal study at home

  • Increase confidence in their own progress and achievement 

  • Develop secure English reading level responses and writing skills

  • Develop confident responses to Maths and Science questions 

  • Discuss their learning without any stress, focusing on how to improve further

  • Secure an understanding of what teachers and examiners are looking for

  • Increase precise knowledge of how to increase own grades and levels                  

Leading to:

  • confidence in independent classroom assessments or examinations

  • achieving their very best with confident personal revision 

  • looking forward to bright future pathways with fearless ambition




Coddington Community Centre,

Beckingham Road,


NG24 2TP

Tel/Text: Suzanne  07855 392166 

email: suz.wells10@gmail